Newton, Massachusetts – July 08, 2014.

NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals, a private, clinical stage company developing innovative drug treatments for specialty indications based on repositioning neurologically active compounds, announces that Neal M. Farber, CEO of NeuroHealing will be presenting at the 3rd Annual Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue Conference to be held July 15-16 in Boston, MA. This event is organized by Arrowhead Publishing and Conferences ( Dr. Farber’s talk titled “Comparison of Different Development Paths, Challenges and Profiles of Three Re-positioned Drug Products” will compare the starting insights and divergent product and patient needs of three repositioned product candidates under development. The contrasting risk attenuation features, IP strategies, market size, sale force, regulatory and financing issues will be illustrated. Since the development of new drugs is very time consuming and expensive, drug repositioning has emerged as a potentially cost-effective and quicker alternative to provide new drugs for unmet medical needs and pharmaceutical companies’ pipelines. With new approaches, drug repositioning has become more streamlined than in the past. By using scientific insights and a systematic approach, existing compounds are being developed for both common and orphan indications faster and with more success. About NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical stage private company developing innovative treatments for specialty indications based on repositioning neurologically active compounds. Clinical stage programs include: NH001 (phase II), a dopaminergic agent to help post traumatic brain injury patients to emerge from a coma, vegetative or minimally consciousness state; NH004 (phase II), an anticholinergic agent in convenient thin film delivery to help treat Parkinson’s and other patients with movement disorders suffering from sialorrhea (drooling); and NH02D, a neurologically active compound to treat premature ejaculation.

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